What Is Freshmeet U.?

Who Are We?

We are a group of Creatives who realized that our power of imagination and innovation within the “business world” were not taken seriously!

If someone asks you what you do for a living and it’s not a traditional trade, it’s something that is “new age”, it’s considered a hobby or a waste of time. You’re viewed as a bum or lazy and people make terrible assumptions all because they don’t know about your work.

Not anymore! Gaming is REAL, Influencers are REAL, Virtual is REAL! Our team of professional designers, arts, performers and speakers decided to come together and forge a space for Creatives to build on their talents.

We are Freshmeet U. – an entertaining and innovative community full of Creative visionaries who showcases their professional talents to the world!

This platform is designed to allow the user to:

  • Create a professional space for themselves by uploading videos showcasing their talents (virtual resume)

  • Create channels (virtual portfolio)

  • Build connections (get to know people)

  • Form collaborations

  • Learn from our experts

  • Engage in our LunchTime Talks

This platform is for our users to design – this is your world. If you want everyone to take you, your talent, your work seriously, then build your world on the platform and become a part of a community that understands, supports and encourages your genius.

What is this Platform?

How We Can Help

Since this platform was started by professional Creatives, we have a network that spans throughout many creative-based industries.

You create your space in the community, but we help you take things to the next level.

  • ♦ We have professionals that are willing to message with you on our platform

  • ♦ We are inviting professionals from EVERY creative industry to come onto the platform and do a Chat with you and the entire FMU community.

  • ♦ We have a book available that will help you start your independent journey.

  • ♦ And, if you need more, we have the FMU Series. They give you REAL-LIFE insight on how to become a successful Freelancer and/or Entrepreneur in ANY industry! It’s not the fluff and bull**** that you usually see, we ask specific questions and expect real answers!

Come and be a part of this Creative, energetic and powerful community, Freshmeet U.